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Welcome to ABCMCO, an ABCm.Co company (an unit/division of ABCmCo Pvt Ltd), engaged in trading, sourcing/merchandising, export/import, Engineering Consulting, etc.  

ABCMCO has been functioning since the 1990s -- with exclusive use of the "ABC Metallurgicals" brand name -- trading in and marketing various RMCs (Refractory Metallurgical Consumables): consumables used in the Metallurgical industry (steel plants and foundries),

A part of the ABCm family, based in the Calcutta (also known as Kolkata), India area — for the better part of a century — we are a legacy companyin our industry. 

Our company's products include Metallurgical Sleeves, Hot Tops, Fluxes, Powders, Paints, Chemicals, Compounds, Tundish Boards, Refractories & Consumables for Foundries, Steel Plants, Metals Industries.

Our customers are Steel Plants and Foundries.

If you are trying to reach us, please click on the Contact Link in the Navigation Bar above.